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Welcome to The Road, . Prepare to embark on your learning adventure. The end destination: You can become a formal member of The CORE. Grab your keys, unlock your car, hop in, and get on The Road.

After you fully explore each neighborhood you will have the opportunity to reminisce your adventure and answer a few questions for us. After you have answered the questions we will contact you to schedule a visit with Ski who will give you the key to enter the next neighborhood. This gives us the opportunity to get to know each traveler on The Road. Explore all four neighborhoods and visit Ski four times to complete the process.

We also invite and encourage you to make use of the travel log. This is a place for you to make note of your thoughts or questions about your trip on The Road. This is completely private unless you chose to give Ski permission to view your log. If you have questions you want to ask Ski when you visit with him, make note of them here so you don't forget.

If at any time you have questions or problems with the system contact us at

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