CORE Musicians
This Group has 21 Members.
Members: Adena Reinemann, Alex Beausoleil, Alissa Miller, Allison Shinnick, Anthony Cappoferri, Brenda Mears, Carson Bork, Chris Reddy, Craig Basten, jared balkman, Joe Beausoleil, Jordan Loeck, Kerri, Kim Fenske, Lil Mike (Mike Bostone), Martin Berg, michaela schmidt, Molly Prickett, Ron Roethlisberger, Sherri_Beausoleil, Susie Carpiaux

About This Group:
THANKS to all the talented musicians for putting time and energy into God's kingdom. If anyone new wants to jump in send me an e-mail with what you play and when you are available,all are welcome.
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CORE message: Joe Beausoleil
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