1/4/10 - They Were Just People
Have you ever stopped and given that some thought? All of the people in the Bible, with the exception of Jesus, were JUST people. They were simple humans like you and I. Yet God used them to work our his glorious plan of Salvation. How cool is that?

This idea was on my mind a lot as we looked at the Christmas story in some new ways. We think about Mary a lot and how she was a simple girl. But what about Joseph? His initial response to the news that his virgin wife was pregnant was very human! Yet God comforted Joseph and empowered him to do what God intended for him to do in his plan. 

Do you stop and think about the fact that God wants to use you to? That he has a plan for your life? That he has a way for you to glorify him and his Kingdom? How humbling. How daunting. Yet how very cool. 

How has God used you for his purpose? How has he used others you know for his purpose? 


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