6/3/10 - Where are You Planted?
 Written by: Shannon Gregory Seefeldt

There comes a time in our lives where we must decide where to plant our roots. Sometimes hurt brings us to that place, and other times it is just a quest for what it is right and good. So when the decision comes of where we should plant our roots we must decide carefully, because this decision is one that will affect our lives now and forever.

So I ask you again, where do you plant your roots? Have you chosen the path of this fallen world where the soil is unstable, and always crumbling? Where our decisions are made with our sinful nature in mind and the soil is dry and barren. If you chose this soil in which to plant, God offers a glimpse into our future and He says it will be one riddled with: depression, guilt, sorrow and disappointment.

If you chose to plant your roots in His garden, one filled with hope, faith, trust, honor and promises that change the very nature of your soul, then my friends your roots are planted in firm soil, a soil that offers strength, courage, hope, and life everlasting. No need to worry about food, because he will provide all you need. No need to worry about water, for He will provide you a shower of rain. No need to worry about the sun, for he will make it shine upon you even in your darkest days. If you chose His garden to plant your roots you shall grow strong, and as your roots grow deeper in his promise, you shall realize that no wind shall make you fall, no storm is strong enough to bend your branches, and no decay shall reach your foundation.

So chose wisely dear friends, and realize that where you plant your roots while shape the rest of your life forever. Now plant your roots, stretch out your branches, and begin to grow in His wisdom and abandon the soil of this fallen world.


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